Past Organists:

William Toole 1711 - 1722

Toole was appointed 2nd December 1711 at Armagh. I He had previously been organist of St Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork 1703-11. It appears that Archbishop Lindsay considered Toole not "sufficiently qualified" and installed a new organist in his place:

...; and as the Organist, who had been before fixed in the laid Church, on a Salary of thirty Pounds a Year; was judged not to be sufficiently qualified for performing Choir Service; he [Primate Lindsay] removed him, and procured a more skilful Organist; and let tied thirty Pounds a Year on the old Organist, during the laid Officers Life, in Confederation of the Lots of his Place.

In addition to the pension of £30 p.a. for the remainder of his life, Toole received payments for organ maintenance up to 1743.

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