Past Organists:

Richard Gallway 1634 - 1642

The charter of Charles I constituting the College of Vicars Choral (23 May 1634) names Gallway as organist. He is likely to have served previous to this date as the Charter reads: et quod Richardus Gallway sit et erit primus et modernus Organista dicti Coenobii. This would indicate he was first organist under the Charter but also indicates he was the present or contemporary organist. Cotton makes a mistake here, as noted above, when he misses Gallway altogether and says that John Hawkshaw was organist at the time of the 1634 Charter. Clearly this could not be the case but it could be overlooked since Cotton appears to have been the first to compile any such list. The cathedral was burnt in 1642 and lay in ruins until c.1661. It has been shown previously that there was probably no choir or organist during this time so it can be assumed that Gallway's position was redundant from 1642.

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