Other Office Bearers

Lay Canons

Canon Dr Muriel McCarthy (1997)
Canon C Garrett Walker (2004)
Canon Martin J White (2004)
Canon H Wilfred Young O.B.E. (2006)
Canon Lady Sheil (2008)
Canon Graham Richards (2012)


Revd Dr Peter A Thompson

Honorary Clerical Vicars Choral

Rev T Alan Cross (2006)
Rev Joyce Moore (2007)
Revd Aonghus Mayes (2015)
Revd Matthew Hagan (2016)
Rev John McLoughlin (2014)

Cathedral Reader

Mrs Betty Beamish

Cathedral Board

Clerical Members (Ex Officio)
The Dean and Chapter
The Succentor

Lay Members (Elected by the congregation)

Mr Eric Marshall (Honorary Treasurer)
Mrs Dominique Ballantine (Honorary Secretary)
Mrs Olwyn Jones
Dr David Reaney
Ms Carol Conlin
Mr Stephen Hartley

Lay Members (Elected by the Diocesan Council)

Mr G A Forbes
Mrs Dorothy Eccles
Mr Bertie Speers
Mr Richard Gregg
Mr Alan Williamson

Matthew: The Book Of Armagh

Mark: The Book Of Armagh

Luke: The Book Of Armagh

John: The Book Of Armagh