Past Organists:

Thomas Osborne Marks MUSD 1872 - 1916

Born Armagh 6 February 1845, died Armagh 12 September 1916. Thomas Osborne Marks was son of Mr William Marks and younger brother of James Christopher Marks MusD. He was a chorister and a pupil of Robert Turle in Armagh Cathedral, eventually becoming assistant organist there when he was only 15 years old. His elder brother, Dr I C Marks, had also been assistant organist to Turle, from 1852 to 1860, and was organist of Cork Cathedral from 1860 to 1903.

When Madam Albani sang in the cathedral in 1891 she publicly complimented him, saying that if she had known that Armagh had possessed so accomplished a musician she would not have brought her own accompanist." IV Later tributes said that he "so worthily upheld the best traditions of the musical reputation of Armagh till his death in 1916" and that he was "much regretted and respected by everyone who knew him, and by the citizens of the Primatial City generally."

He died in 1916 aged seventy-one; his memorial in the north nave aisle of the cathedral records his sixty years of service, forty-two [forty-four] as organist. Three of his sons joined the Army in the First World War, and one of them was killed at the Front in 1916.

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