Past Organists:

John Hawkshaw 1693 - 1695

The only reference to a John Hawkshaw at Armagh is an entry in the cathedral registers for 27 June 1695:

Robert Hodge to be Organist of the [said] college & Cathedral in the ... & place of the said John Hawkshaw [deceased]

The cathedral building was restored in 1693 after the Williamite war and this would have been an opportunity to appoint a successor to Claxton. Indeed it is the only time Hawkshaw could have been appointed if Harris' statement about Claxton is correct.

Much confusion exists here over the connection with the John Hawkshaws of Christ Church and St Patrick's Cathedrals Dublin. In fact there is nothing to connect the two and I would support the suggestion in Cathedral Anthems that this is John Hawkshaw junior, and that he went to Armagh a while after his suspension from office at St Patrick's Dublin in 1685. Many sources initially get confused by thinking his appointment at Armagh was c.1661 but there is no evidence to substantiate this. It appears that the only reference to suggest there were two John Hawkshaws in Dublin is an entry in the Chapter Acts for St Patrick's Cathedral in February 1668, "It was decided that the roof should be taken down, and that the organ be removed by the organist, Mr Hawkshaw senior." VI Unfortunately it is impossible to distinguish further references from each other.

John Hawkshaw was organist and Vicar Choral of Christ Church Cathedral 1660/1-1689. Cotton describes him as "one of the ancient vicars of this church" and gives dates of appointment as 1645 as Vicar Choral and 1646 as organist, but Cathedral Anthems state there is no record of the appointments in Christ Church Chapter minutes except that his name appears on leases. He was admitted Vicar Choral in February 1660/1 and was referred to as organist on 20 November 1662, when he was allowed arrears of salary.VII Accounts show he was paid as organist up to Lady Day 1689. VII Like some of his predecessors and successors, Hawkshaw held the post of organist of both the Dublin cathedrals simultaneously. At St Patrick's he and/or his son was organist from 1660-1685/6. John Hawkshaw from 1659 deputised during Randal Jewett's protracted absence at St Patrick's and was, on 15 March 1660/1, permanently appointed his successor. By September 1664 Hawkshaw had not received any arrears of salary, and he demanded £150 which the Chapter agreed to pay by installments, but this matter was still unresolved by May 1669. He was (re)admitted Vicar Choral on 24 October 1660 VII having been previously admitted to this position in 1643, a post which he held until his final mention in the Vicars' January roll-call for 1687/8. VII His stay as organist was slightly shorter because against his name as Vicar Choral in January 1685/6 is written "offic: organisti seq: in manus Thomas Godfrey", and below the list there is an order that John Hawkshaw, "propter manifestum contemptum", is to be sequestered from his post of organist and replaced by Godfrey. VII

Cathedral Anthems and Cotton conjecture that John Hawkshaw senior was organist of St Patrick's between 1660/1 and 1678 and his son from 1678 to 1685. Shaw writes "on whatever evidence this may rest, I noticed nothing to substantiate it." Cathedral Anthems give the death of John Hawkshaw senior as "about 1688", Cotton gives " Hawkshaw, deceased" against the appointment of J Vinigam as Vicar Choral of Christ Church Cathedral on 9 Jan 1688. This may suggest the younger one went to Armagh and died shortly after his father.

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