Past Organists:

Langrish Doyle, MUSD 1776 - 1780

Doyle was appointed in 1776 and appears to have spent all his musical career in Ireland. After serving as a chorister of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin 1763- 8 and of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, c.1766, he became a substitute stipendiary of Christ Church on 12 November 1772 and a full stipendiary on 6 November 1775. VII The Christ Church Acts record his departure for Armagh on 8 September 1776 which leaves a period of two years unaccounted for in the succession of organists at Armagh. He was only in his early twenties during his stay at Armagh and this was likely his first post as organist.

In November 1780, both Christ Church and St Patrick's Cathedrals resolved that "Mr Langrish Doyle" should be appointed master of the boys and that he should be recommended to Trinity College as Samuel Murphy's successor as organist. On the same day he was also appointed organist and stipendiary of Christ Church. VII Six months later, in May 1781, he was admitted a half Vicar Choral of St Patrick's, leading to a full Vicar on 5 February 1784. He resigned his position as a stipendiary of Christ Church in May 1791, receiving £40 a year more as organist in compensation.

Doyle relinquished his position as master of the boys in 1797 and was replaced by one of his successors at Armagh, Dr John Clarke, who took up the position from Christmas Day 1797. He continued as organist of Christ Church, but on 25 November 1805 he expressed a desire, "from his age and long service", to have a deputy, and the Chapter, on his recommendation, appointed his nephew William Warren. VII West says, according to the books, he was "licensed to be absent" in 1813 III and Cathedral Anthems says he ceased to be organist in 1814. There is no official record of his doctorate, but on the admission of his son, Garret Wesley Doyle, to Trinity College, Dublin in 1789, he was described as "Musicae Doctor."

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