Past Organists:

Edred Martin Chaundy MA, MUSD, FRCO 1920 - 1935

Born Oxford 1871, died 1960. Chaundy was a pupil at Oxford of C H Lloyd [organist of Christ Church Cathedral Oxford 1882-92] and Dr Plumridge. IlI He took the degrees of BA (1892), MA (1898), B Mus (1890), and D Mus (1908) as a non-collegiate student.

Before his appointment to Armagh he was organist of Christ Church, Streatham Hill, London (1892), Enniskillen Parish Church (1895), Pershore Abbey (1898), Holy Trinity, Stroud (1899), St George's, Kidderminster (1901), St Mark's Dundela, Belfast (1905), St George's, Belfast (1913), and Bangor Abbey, Co. Down (1919).

The Cathedral Board unanimously passed his appointment at Armagh on 26 May 1920 out of a selection of eighteen candidates. He was Music Master at The Royal School, Armagh and had the cathedral organ rebuilt to his specification in 1928. His surviving choirboys in Armagh still talk of him with the warmest affection.

Dr Chaundy published a number of his own anthems and settings of canticles. His music includes Three Organ Solos and settings of the Te Deum and Jubilate in G. The latter can be favorably compared to the Jubilate in C by Britten, composed much later. Regarded by many as a very fine musician, he left Armagh in 1935 under unfortunate circumstances and retired to Bangor. He gave up music altogether but later played in Bangor's Christian Science Church where his wife belonged. As well as playing the violin, viola and cello, Dr Chaundy was a gifted improviser whose fluency and command of form enabled him to give a completely extemporized recital before an audience of fellow organists at Armagh.

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