Cathedral History:

The Cathedral and the Archbishops

Monument to Archbishop Lord John George Beresford (1822-1862)

As can be seen from a list in a panel on the north-west wall, Armagh has, since Patrick, first Bishop of Armagh, an unbroken succession of, first, bishops and abbots – these two roles often being vested in the same person – and, since Celsus in 1106, archbishops of Armagh. When the Acts of Supremacy of 1536 and 1560 renounced the jurisdiction of the Pope over the English and Irish churches, and proclaimed the monarch as, initially, Supreme Head on Earth and, later, supreme Governor of the Churches of England and Ireland, the Irish episcopate followed divergent lines, the Church of Ireland marking its succession from Adam Loftus and the Roman Catholics from Richard Creagh. Today’s cathedral contains a number of memorials to previous archbishops.

For a full list of previous Archbishops, you can visit our Abbots, Bishops & Archbishops section.

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