Past Organists:

Robert Barnes 1759 - 1774

Barnes was appointed February 1759 at Armagh. He appears in Armagh Census of 1770 -"Pound Hill -Robert Barnes and wife, organist, 1 daughter. (Servants -1 man and 1 maid). Church." IV In 1774 he was forced to resign as organist and was appointed Vicar Choral. Thomas English in 1800 states that as part of Primate Robinson 's restructuring of the choir, after the collapse under Primate Stone, Robinson

"got a good Organist in the place of one who was thought to be Insufficient (Mr Robt. Barnes) but to whom he gave a Vicarage in recompense with a Salary of £70 per annum -which he still enjoys, without doing, or indeed being capable of doing any Duty"

Barnes was paid somewhat less than the other Vicars from 1791 and more especially from 1797. He died in 1820.

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