• St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh
  • St Patrick's Cathedral Alter, Armagh
  • St Patrick's Cathedral Stained Glass Window, Armagh

Welcome to Armagh’s
Anglican Cathedral

Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral stands on the hill from which the City of Armagh derives its name – Ard Mhacha the Height of Macha. Less than half a mile away, on the neighbouring hill, is our sister, St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Armagh owes everything to its traditional association with St Patrick. As early as the seventh century, Armagh’s primacy was recognized over all the churches of Ireland. As the seat of both Catholic and Anglican Archbishops, it is still the ‘Ecclesiastical Capital’ of Ireland. The legacy of its eighteenth century renaissance is due to the energy of an Anglican Archbishop, Richard Robinson. The landmark Catholic Cathedral was built by three nineteenth-century Primates, William Crolly, Joseph Dixon and Daniel McGettigan.

On the Hill around which Armagh first grew, this Cathedral is, above all, a place of Christian prayer and worship. You are welcome to join us for the Eucharist, Choral Evensong, or, on weekdays, Morning Prayer, all in the Anglican tradition. If you come as a visitor, we hope you will be touched by the beauty of this place, by a spiritual inheritance of over 1500 years, and by the history all around you.

May you leave with the knowledge of God’s presence and love.

The Very Rev Gregory Dunstan